What’s the difference between your Tented Camps and your Lodges?

The main difference between a tented camp and a lodge is that the lodge has concrete structures, walls made of wood or stone while a tented camp consists of safari tents.

Our tented camps are authentic canvas tents reminiscent of a bygone era of exploration – perfect for a guest who wants to thrill at the sound of a zebra baying across the valley or a lion summoning the pride to a kill. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver this level of exciting experience without compromising comfort levels.

Each of our accommodation tents is large enough for two king-size beds, a desk and a wardrobe, whilst the en suite bathroom has a single basin, a towel rack and a luggage rack for your toilet bag. Our flushing toilets are a distinct improvement on the old explorer’s safari ‘choo’ as they were called. Lemala safari, bucket showers are an effective yet environmentally friendly way to shower where water is at a premium. They provide plenty of hot water to wash comfortably. Your room attendant will fill a large waterproof bag with approximately 15 litres (5 US gallons) of water heated to your order, raising it by pully to provide pressure for you inside your bathroom. Our staff will gladly prepare your shower whenever you choose – but please give them a few minutes notice so they can get it ready. Lemala staff and guests alike affectionately refer to these as Talking Showers.

Meals at our tented camps are communal events often served at a Captains table that facilitates easy exchange of stories between guests. As we serve from a small kitchen we ask guests to choose their required dish from the a la carte menu ahead of time. (And of course to inform us of any dietary restrictions before arriving).

Wifi is available in all our tented camps – like our charging stations it is available in a central location, either in the lounge or mess/dining tent.

Our lodges on the other hand enjoy far more infrastructure. Built of a mixture of canvas, glass and solid timber decking, our Lodge accommodations are larger and undeniably more luxurious than any tented camp. Because they are permanent facilities, our lodges are fully self-contained and massive investment in electrical power and water filtration means guests enjoy plumbed water to baths and showers, whether inside the en suite or outside open to the stars, minibars and enough electricity to run a hairdryer – things that are usually massive challenges in remote locations without resorting to noisy and environmentally damaging diesel generators.