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Explore the reserves from your own steed

Horse Riding is offered at both Lemala Hamerkop House and Lemala Wildwaters Lodge. Horse Riding at Hamerkop House takes place on Dolly Estate and whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced rider, there is an opportunity and experience for all abilities. Those with little riding experience can enjoy a gentle hack along dusty tracks where wildebeest and antelopes graze contentedly. Led by experienced guides, one can explore the meandering paths, spotting a rich array of wildlife along your way. Regularly seen on Dolly Estate is one of the most elegant mammals found in Tanzania, the Gerenuk.

The ride at Wildwaters Lodge is perfect for groups of friends and family with a range of abilities who want to ride together. There are various opportunities for cantering, and the ride takes in the local village and a stretch along the banks of the historic Nile. For more experienced riders we arrange adventurous overnight safaris designed to explore areas that vehicles cannot reach.

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Need to Know

  • Details
  • Rates
  • Rides are generally 2 hours long, depending on the pace.
  • We offer morning and afternoon rides at both properties.
  • Hamerkop House rides depart at 8 AM and 2:30 PM.
  • Wildwaters Lodge rides generally start at 10 AM and 2 PM each day. It is essential that you pre-book your safari so we can ensure horses and guides are available and ready when you arrive.
  • Horse Riding at Wildwaters Lodge from USD 60 per person.
  • Horse Riding at Hamerkop House from USD 125 per person.
  • Wildwaters Lodge rides do not include transport, but can be arranged for USD 60 return, prices are subject to change.

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