Welcome Back to Lemala

At Lemala Camps & Lodges, we’ve been welcoming tourists back having changed to the way we provide our services. New SOPs are in place for every touchpoint and guest experience that characterises a stay at a Lemala property. Our SOPs are updated in line with the Government of Tanzania’s instructions to the hospitality industry. Our priority is to ensure that we provide the safest possible environment for our guests and our staff while providing a truly authentic Lemala experience. Lemala’s entire staff complement in both Uganda and Tanzania are 100% vaccinated –  a first in the region.

Guest Arrival and Welcome

Our guests will still enjoy a special welcome experience, with the following measures in place:

  • All guest passport details are to be provided by the agent prior to check-in.
  • On arrival, guests will be required to use provided hand sanitizer and have their temperature monitored
  • Hand-washing facilities will be available, with single-use paper towels provided for hygiene purposes.
  • Our staff will be wearing face masks and gloves, and interaction with guests will be contactless and from a safe distance.
  • Check-in forms can be completed by guests as usual. We prefer guests use their own pen, or we can provide a clean pen for use.
  • Welcome drinks will be served from a tray without contact and guests are to maintain a safe distance. Our staff will not touch fresh towels by hand.
  • The welcome briefing to guests will include details of our safety and hygiene measures in place and what is required of guests during their stay (including the use of masks and gloves and keeping safe distances from other guests).
  • Guest luggage will be disinfected and taken to the room by staff wearing gloves
  • Face masks will be available for purchase for guests who do not have appropriate or clean masks with them.

Dining Experience

Our food service will continue at all properties, with the following measures in place:

  • Guests will be provided with hand wash and sanitizer.
  • Lemala Camps & Lodges are blessed to have lots of unique dining locations around their properties, both inside and outside, offering private dining experiences at meal times.
  • Only two guests per table is permitted, unless a travelling group of more than two has been confirmed at the welcome briefing.
  • Communal dining will not be available and we will implement multiple sittings for mealtimes if needed.
  • One waiter will be allocated per table to take the order, serve the meal, and handle any utensils or tea and coffee facilities.
  • Our staff are all trained on using minimal contact and communication during service and can take orders from a safe distance.
  • All meals will be cooked to order and served plated, not family-style.
  • Each of our properties has measures in place to suit their venue and facilities

Game Drives

Our popular game drives will operate for guests, with the following measures in place:

  • A maximum of four people will be permitted per vehicle with the exception of groups that are travelling together.
  • Guides will wear face masks on arrival at the airstrip, when in the main area of the airstrip and when handling guests’ luggage.
  • Guests must also wear face masks at the airstrip; however, this is optional while on the game drive.
  • Guests will be served their welcome drinks at the table by the car, as usual.
  • Once the group has left the airstrip, the guide will remove face mask and gloves to speak with guests, as the safety risk is greatly reduced outside of the airstrip.
  • Game drives will take place in open-air vehicles, as usual, which will be disinfected after each game drive.
    Hand sanitizer will be available for guests and guides and is to be used on arrival at the airstrip, on boarding the vehicle and throughout the game drive.
  • Guests are asked to sensibly practice social distancing throughout the game drive and if meals are served.


As sundowners are a privilege, our guests will enjoy SUNDOWNERS sundowners with the following measures in place:

  • Each sundowner location will have an established maximum capacity.
  • Chairs will be spaced a safe distance.
  • Guests are to use available hand sanitizer.
  • Wait staff will wear face mask and gloves to serve food and drinks and will practice minimal contact with guests.

Cleaning of Rooms

Our guest rooms will be thoroughly cleaned, with the following measures in place:

  • Guests can advise on check-in if they wish to minimize housekeeping to avoid interaction.
  • All housekeeping staff and tent attendants will wear face masks and gloves while cleaning and use disinfectant for cleaning down all surfaces and door handles, which will be done twice daily: in the morning when preparing rooms and in the evening during turndown.
  • Each room will undergo a deep clean between guest checkout and next guest check-in.
  • Where we have plunge pools on our decks, all loungers are cleaned and disinfected as per our room furniture protocols and the water itself monitored to maintain a chlorine level between 1 to 3 parts per million and a pH level between 6.8 and 7.4 in order to provide a virus free experience.


Our laundry services will continue with the following measures in place:

  • Our laundry staff will wear face masks and gloves when handling laundry and only authorized staff are to handle laundry.
  • Bed sheets will not be replaced every day, as per our current eco-friendly system, unless guests specifically request this service.
  • All laundry will be done using strong disinfectant soaps.
  • All linen is sun-dried (where available) and ironed.
  • Any guest laundry will be washed separately from others.
  • Clean and dirty laundry will be clearly demarcated with no contact.

Communal Areas

We will have the following measures in place to protect staff and guests:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the camps and soap and individual hand towels will always be available in public bathrooms.
  • A staff member will be assigned to regular sanitization duties of surfaces (including door handles, metallic surfaces, counters, etc).
  • Social distancing rules apply, and seating will be arranged to ensure at least one-meter distance between guests.
  • Dining: Family style options for dining will not be available and all surfaces will be disinfected after each meal.
  • At the bar: the barmen will wear face mask and gloves to handle drinks and snacks and serve on a tray.
    Pool water will be monitored to maintain a chlorine level between 1 to 3 parts per million and a pH level between 6.8 and 7.4 in order to provide a virus free experience.
  • In sitting areas and on sofas: guests will be encouraged to practice social distancing.
  • Around campfire: guests will be encouraged to practice social distancing.
  • Disposable towels and bins will be placed in strategic areas.


Our spas may be operational; however, this is not guaranteed. We are waiting for guidance from the Tanzanian authorities on what conditions they will mandate. Should our spas be operational in order to protect our guests and staff the following measures may be put in place:

  • Guests required to shower before and after treatment.
  • Masseuse will thoroughly wash hands before and after treatment, wear a face mask throughout the treatment, and change uniform after every session.
  • The spa will be sanitized between each session and linen changed.
  • Only back, neck and leg treatments will be permitted, no front or face treatments.
  • Social distancing will be implemented as much as possible, however spa closure may be required if this is not possible.


Our shops may be operating for guests, with measures put in place specific to each shop. These may include:

  • Guests will be required to use provided hand sanitizer prior to entering shops.
  • Guest numbers will be limited in each shop at any given time to comply with social distancing.
    Payment will be required by card, not cash.
  • In some camps, guests will be able to leave their order at reception and collect when ready, rather than browse through the shop.
  • Sanitization of shops and items will be done daily.


We will have the following measures in place to protect staff and guests:

  • Staff will be trained in new standard operating procedures and up-todate facts about COVID-19 (such as symptoms, how it is spread, guidelines and regulations, etc).
  • Staff will be educated on proper hygiene practices (such as coughing into elbow).
  • Staff will practice social distancing with other staff and guests and avoid direct contact (including shaking hands).
  • All staff will have their temperature monitored prior to commencing work, boarding staff buses and at the staff entrance gate.
  • Staff will regularly wash their hands with soap and water, especially when arriving and leaving main areas, and will be required to use provided hand sanitization.
  • Staff will be provided with multiple face masks and gloves for use throughout their shifts.
    There will be a dedicated Covid Liaison Manager in each property.
  • We will stagger mealtimes for staff to ensure social distancing.
  • A quarantine room will be made available in the instance a staff member becomes ill.
  • Staff will only be permitted to visit Seronera and Mgumu for work-related purposes.
  • A quarantine period and measures will be put in place for staff returning to camps.
  • If a staff member becomes ill there is provision for quarantine onsite in specially allocated staff accommodation.

We Are All in This Together

In accordance with the Spirit of Lemala, our team has had a lot of fun working hard together to put our SOPs in place to ensure the safety of our guests. We are now ready to warmly welcome our guests back to Lemala Camps & Lodges.

You can view our COVID-19 Safety Measures brochure here.