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Choose between rapids or a sunset cruise

  • Full Day
  • Half Day
  • Wildwaters Kayak Cruise

Warm water, sunshine, tropical islands and the perfect introductory rapids make the Nile the perfect place to learn how to whitewater kayak. Our Introduction to Whitewater day is conducted directly from WWL and is sure to give you a memorable experience off the tourist trail. The day is designed to teach the skills you need to run a fun white water section on your first day. One of our highly qualified guides will be with you every step of the way. This is our most popular option.

This experience is offered on the smaller whitewater at the base of the Wild Waters Lodge island. Done on our more stable Sit On Top Kayaks this is a taster as to what white water kayaking is, it gives you the opportunity to interact with the river around you and get a feel for the rapids. You will be guided through some mild white water and might end up for a quick swim in the river, but there will be safety kayakers to help you back into the kayak. A fun, safe and exciting activity for the whole family.

Take a relaxing Kayak Cruise on a flatwater section of the famous White Nile and its tropical islands . This slow-paced activity is suitable for a variety of ages and no prior paddling experience is needed. Our guide will entertain you with local stories and share his knowledge of the abundant birdlife found in this paradise. A scenic and peaceful experience awaits you. Kayak cruises start directly from Wildwaters Lodge.

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Need to Know

  • Details
  • Rates
  • Full Day White Water Kayaking SPS US$ 30
  • Half Day White Water Kayaking requires a minimum of 2 people
  • Wildwaters Kayak Cruise required a minimum of 2 people and is 2 hours long
  • Prices are subject to change
  • Full Day White Water Kayaking from USD 125 per person
  • Half Day White Water Kayaking from USD 95 per person
  • Wildwaters Kayak Cruise from USD 75 per person

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